The image on your mirror may not always be real

Even though a picture tells a 1000 words, the image on a mirror may not always be real. And yet we use mirrors everyday to get the 1000 words. Depending on the kind of mirror and lighting surrounding it, the image or picture in the mirror is sometimes altered to your benefit or worse your disarray.

For instance, some high street stores have intentionally and ideally installed tinted and concave mirrors around their stores and fitting rooms to make your reflection appear tanned and thinner. Imagine trying out some clothing and then to your surprise, it not only fits you superbly, but also makes you look thin and tanned, you might be tempted to buy more than you had planned. And then the moment you step in to the real world, for instance in an elevator, the mirror tells you different version of the same story. And of course, it is hard to deceive the naked eye.

The image in the mirror

The image in the mirror may not always be real

Christmas Shopping’s secret weapon: the slimming mirror; Independent.

Moreover, some constructors and architects also manage to design your bathroom set in such a way that the mirror always gives the story you want to hear. Ambient lighting especially in a bathroom where natural light doesn’t seep in allows the mirror to give the intended look.

While putting on make up in front of a mirror in a bath or a rest room, the color of the make up may seem to blend well with the tone of your skin. However, if you closely look at the reflection on some other surface outside a bathroom setting with enough light, you might notice that your neck and shoulders appear to have a brighter tone than your face, given the fact that many makeups are indeed of darker tones. It of course goes without being said but it makes you look like you are on a desert camouflage themed make up.

Perhaps the set has an up side too, since you are deceived, you don’t spend the whole night applying make up to the rest of the body.

For those of us whose appearance matters more than anything else, perhaps then a mirror is not the best approach. I guess that just like a shadow, a reflection on the mirror is always defined by the surrounding lighting and surface.


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