Sweet smells foster sweet dreams, or so they say

If scientists had a way, they could rob you. With hours of closed door experiments and tests, they could convince you of anything. Sometimes it feels like it would be right to call them conmen; given the fact that they are smart and quick to tell you what you want to hear and sometimes what you don’t.

This time around, after some experiments with rotten eggs and sweet smelling roses, they suggest that sweet smell actually fosters sweet dreams.

Read the whole article here.

A bouquet of red roses

A bouquet of red roses

Wanna know what I think? I don’t know, they say that smell is the only sense that doesn’t ‘sleep’. Interestingly, I think that last time you had a nightmare was not because there was a bad smell in your bedroom, or was there? Most probably it was because you had a rough night 😉 or even worse a bad day.

If you would want to clarify the study why not buy some sweet smelling flowers for your bedroom. If that doesn’t give you sweet dreams you may not want to try the rotten eggs for nightmares, the smell itself is going to be a nightmare. Moreover, make the test as fashionable as possible, if it is too scientific you will not find out the truth.

– bbc


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