The inaugural dress

Time came to a stand still as America and the world turned up or tuned in to witness history in the making, I have not been so glued to the screen before. The thrilling moment was almost pilgrimish in its own right to the the American people and the citizens of the world.

The inaugural ball dress

The inaugural ball dress

Somehow, fashion found its way in to this show, as everyone, arrived dressed up, braving the mild winterly weather and brandishing flags, posters and other sorts of memorabilia, the inaugural parade and security personnel dressed up in full regalia for the day.

A bigger challenge passed on to a younger generation and an even bigger one promised for those to come.

– bbc


6 thoughts on “The inaugural dress

  1. Mrs.Obama is stunning with her simple cut dress and accessories. The first lady is very refreshing on white also. Amidst the pressure, they are both a good site to look at.

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