Invasion in the absence of an army and an eventual ceasefire

After a period of several run ins and an exchange of messages over the net, Matt decided that he was ready to invite Susan over to his place, at least for a night. Little did he know that he would somehow regret what lay in store for him.

Susan resided on another part of town and arrived by bus around ten in the morning at Port Authority Bus Terminal. Matt was eagerly and almost impatiently waiting for Susan’s arrival.
On the inside he was nervous, on the outside he looked confident in a light green shirt, fading blue jeans and white Skechers. His dark shades hid the nervousness on his eyes. A passerby would have mistaken him for a private detective as he kept looking around as if in search of a bad guy.

As soon as Susan alighted from her bus, she called Matt. After a few moments of call, look and find, they finally met with hugs and kisses and a space between them. Susan was carrying what seemed to Matt like an extra large army camo holdall bag and a small hand bag that matched with her purplish lipstick. After exchanging pleasantries and that which folks with chemistry do, they agreed to have some food before heading over to Matt’s.

Matt offered to help Susan with the army bag that appeared half empty. The handbag seemed too full and ready blow up and he was not yet ready for war. Surprisingly, the army bag felt twice of what would have been its legal weight. Obviously it was half full. The two love birds strolled to a nearby Matt’s favorite Italian restaurant in the warm sun, being overly courteous and friendly to each other. The chemistry between them was hard to ignore and would have been enough to start up a world war.

After a delicious and pricey lunch and a light consumption of alcohol, they were off to Matt’s. The occupation was finally beginning. Susan loved Matt’s studio apartment that was somehow well kept and decorated for a single like him. She was quick to settle down by unpacking and revealing to Matt that she was planning to stay for a week and get to know him and his part of town. Maybe start a war.

Unlike conventional wars where a courteous army piles supplies on the border and gives a warning before invading, this one was different. And time had changed. The contents of Susan’s army bag revealed her big taste for fashion from the chic collection that was neatly folded and arranged in the bag. A pair of boots, sneakers and slip ons somehow materialized from the bag. Looking back, it would have been difficult for Matt to imagine what was in the bag, given the fact that army bags don’t really mix with a town girl like Susan who arrived dressed in a sleek, silky and flowery summer dress and open toe high heels. Her hair was pulled back a little revealing small chandelier earrings. It rested gracefully on her shoulders. The absence of facial make up helped bring out her natural beauty that even the night could not ignore.

After settling down, the two engaged in a fiery catch up session that lasted almost four hours during which different beverages were taken in small amounts. Eventually, the tipsiness overcame the past and a war was fought. Everything in Matt’s apartment was shaken apart from the ipod was still playing RnB via his home theater system after a cease fire was declared. The armies were completely exhausted and almost in a mood to surrender and thats the reason a ceasefire ensued.

The battleground lay in ruins with blankets and sheets spread across the bed that had rattled noisily as gunfire was exchanged. Needless to say, the armies had fought tooth and nail losing clothes and under wears as they approached the ground where a fierce battle was fought and a ceasefire was declared. The ceasefire in this war was just an official war terminology with no meaning. On the ground, the armies were just too physically depleted to carry on the fighting. No one declared victory or defeat. Emergency supplies including another drink and a dreamless slumber were shared by the surviving soldiers.

Susan felt at home. The army had befriend the enemy and a week long occupation was underway.


susan and matt S1E2

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