UsTrendy, the fashion facebook

If Facebook ever revolutionized social interaction and networking, then UsTrendy is more or less the Facebook of fashion. Connecting independent fashion designers and fashion lovers, UsTrendy creates a community that creates and harnesses the next generation fashion.

UsTrendy gives designers a platform/runway to showcase their designs and model portfolios while the fashion lovers and critics vote for the best work. UsTrendy then produces and promotes the best designs and models worldwide.

express your voice

UsTrendy, express your voice

The fashion network then goes one step ahead and hosts its own UsTrendy Fashion Shows to showcase winning masterpieces as top voted models get to physically taxi the runway in the top voted designs.

UsTrendy is the perhaps the best fashion fair for an upcoming designer or fashion lover who wishes to have their work seen or their voice heard. The network sets a perfect environment for a social and fashion interaction where competition, qualitative feedback and rewards are a norm. Fans also have the opportunity to buy winning designs, set trend via culture, attend UsTrendy fashion show and VIP parties and win prizes from their active participation in voting.




fashion designers , models , artistsand fans

setting a new path for a cultural driven and futuristic fashion industry.


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