The pee in the bottle

So, a friend of mine is in the moving business, something like u-haul but one that also offers manpower along with the car rental. A few weeks ago, they were moving stuff from an apartment, and by the look of the stuff in general he was quick to think that the apartment belonged to a lady. Apparently, the company he works for also handles the moving of stuff in the absence of the owner as long as they’ve an agreement. After that everything is covered.
The stuff in the house was posh, with the furniture featuring a full line up of Ikea’s luxe. From a twin sofa, dining table set to the high table in the kitchen. The lighting, utensils and other household furnishings were of top shelf.

the pee in the bottle

'the pee in the bottle'

And the fact that the 3″ thick glass top dining table and the extra heavy TV/bookshelf cabinet had not been taken apart to ease the load were almost satisfying enough that the stuff might have been a lady’s.
From the bathroom, they were to take a cleaning and a drying machine. The bathroom table was lined with exotic soaps and brownish liquids in unlabeled bottles. So when he was confiding (btw in their line of work they are not sworn in to any secrecy or at least not that I know of) his story to me he asked me to explain what was the stuff in the bottles.
And luckily, I told him I don’t know. Thats because I don’t know what the stuff is. I have seen it in stores, in spas, in movies but if you really wanna know I think the stuff looks like pee in a bottle. Given the fact that the bottle is not labeled leaves a lot to the imagination. Honestly, I have not seen any of those pee bottles opened or half used, whats their use anyways?
Enlighten me!
It later turned out that the stuff belonged to a guy after all.


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