Its Christmas, buy her a drunk ‘n’ she will drain it to her fill

On a Friday afternoon, sometime after four, Matt and his childhood friend John sat in a Starbuck’s cafe at a table by the window. They had just had fresh coffee and muffins. It was in the middle of winter, just a couple of weeks to Christmas. They were doing a little catching up, after a busy week and were eagerly looking forward to the weekend with games to watch, beer to drink, parties to attend and eventually, hangovers to nurse.

John was a cool guy, one satisfied with his career as a software engineer and happy with his longtime girlfriend and now his wife to be Edith. Matt, on the other hand, was a cranky guy. He changed women with seasons but was dying to seal a deal which never seemed to happen.

Matt was a business consultant with a small firm in New York. He was an attractive man with a great sense of fashion. This was perhaps a reason why women were attracted to him. At least they would learn a thing or two about fashion from this hunk if not much was forthcoming.

Matt had always envied his friend’s healthy relationship with Edith in a good way and he always thought of of John as the best person to consult on matters concerning women, and all that pertained to them.

“So, John, I am wondering where or what we should do on Christmas with my new girlfriend Susan. You know after three months with her am not sure what we are up to”. Matt said.

“Well take her out for dinner, buy her presents, get a room in a motel with room service, or better yet, take her out to the mountains for skiing”.

Matt thought for a while and then said ” I don’t know man, she is not the type to take out to dinners, she will just order salad that will cost more than my stake and the worst part is paying the restaurant to throw it away. She only plays around with it for a while and then says she is full. Its like throwing money down the drain!”. He exclaimed.

“Whats wrong with you man?” John asked. “I bet you guys are not in to each other so much after all. You make it sound worse.”

“I am just confused, I don’t know what to do”. Matt said almost to himself.

a champagne drunk toast

a champagne drunk toast

John hated this kind of discussions with Matt, whom he found a little less accommodating when it came to women. He felt as though his friend always built a wall around himself, one that not even his girls would not get through.

“Ok. what about a quiet dinner with her at your place? Prepare her favorite meal and invite her over. Prepare a table for two, candles lit, bottles of champagne at each side. That should get to two of you to bond don’t you think?” He pressed on.

“Are you crazy? I can’t really cook, you know, at least not when I use the smoke alarm as a timer.”

John giggled a little about this.

“What about you invite her to do the cooking?” John asked.

“As long as we are being honest, its better if am the one in the kitchen otherwise my apartment might come down in flames. ”

John felt irritated by this conversation and wished he had not gotten involved in the first place. He however felt sorry for his friend who was in his late twenties and was serious about settling down.

“Here’s what you’re gonna do, take her out for dinner, to some fancy place of your or her choice. Don’t be bothered by what she eats or doesn’t. Just make sure she is having fun.” John continued. “As a friend I can give you my opinion but can never tell you what to do, thats where you’ve gotta take that leap of faith and go the extra mile alone. So, while dinner is underway, order some drinks, perhaps a bottle of champagne. By the time its empty, the two of you will have broken down that invisible wall between you. That should get your juices flowing, then you can do whatever.”

“Is it possible for us to skip the food part?” Matt asked with a feeling of defeat in his voice.

“Thats up to you! Its Christmas, buy her a drunk and she will drink to her fill, be merry! Remember as a friend I can only advice you, after that you are on your own!”

– an xmas feature article; tbc

~ from a guest writer ~ susan and matt S1E1 pilot

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Wishes From a Fashion Passion


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