Bounce in Black, MIB

I believe that you have had an encounter or some sort of an acquaintance with the so called bouncers. At least when you’ve been on a night out, or when the Benjamins have exchanged hands in a handshake and you’ve cut the line, or when they have had the privilege and honor to toss you outta party 😉 . Well, we all have had our share of lovely encounters like Ron white in his blue comedy tour.

‘They just think about bouncing. They hang out with other bouncers talking about bouncing’ – ron white on the blue comedy tour.

Bounce on black

Bounce in black

I have a fashionable question about bouncers; who on came up with their all black outfit? Black shirt, jacket, pants, shoes and who knows what else? And am not talking about those few fancy and pricey clubs that clad their bouncers differently, am talking about those old school bars, pubs, clubs and joints where bouncers don’t get to exercise a lot of fashion freedom.

I thought at least from a safety point of view they should be dressed in such a way that they can be seen from a far; in something unique and identifiable in a crowd. You know, like the 911s/999s/—s or the 112s do. And since they are more or less in the same line of work with the 911s, it is fare that they don’t try to blend in the crowd or camouflage in the dark. Besides, the bouncing industry is more on cover than under cover, so why blend in?


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