A stitch in time saves nine

Literally, it does! And if you look at the big picture, it not only holds the pieces together, it gives them a strong feeling of togetherness and continuity much like a reality check would do to a marriage thats about to hit the rocks.

And thats it! The best solution to any problem is the simple one. And I ain’t talking fashion here, am talking universe, about our beloved planet earth. Well the two are intertwined and perhaps inseparable. Try to follow if you can.

Global warming is to a larger percent more man made than natural. Our ever changing lifestyle have changed a trillion and one things about the universe with the most obvious being climate. Interestingly, despite we being civilized, we have continued to neglect the reality.

Some of us like to see the glass half full while others see the glass half empty. Fortunately, there is another group that sees some water in the glass. And that’s exactly what our reaction has been to global warming. Realistically, on an issue like this, we need to see the glass half empty; we need to see the potential danger. We need to look at the dark side, take action and save what we can while there is still time.

A stitch would perhaps be the best way forward, for as individuals, the eventual stitch at the end of the day will hold larger pieces together. It should more or less be a personal initiative towards a better future, no matter what; just keep stitching as long as you’ve got a needle, a thread and your fingers ain’t hurting.

~ a guest writer ~


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