Christmas Gifts ideas and offers

Still wondering what to get for him or her for this giveaway season even though you pocket is depleted off its essence? Perhaps I could let you in on some cool gift ideas, and even more, some that have some percentage off or even better you could try your luck and win!

First of all, you need to be aware of things that you need to buy and secondly you need to be able to do enough e-window shopping (online window shopping) before rushing to buy them.

That having being said, here is a list of links that I think might be worth of visiting. You may end up saving some dosh or spending some 😉 good luck with both.

  • Cool belts, jewelry and other accessories
  • kaboodle, a social shopping network features cool gifts, giveaways and even a chance to win prizes including a $25 grand wish-a-day giveaway
  •; a perfect all around online gift shop
  • Ruche; with elegant choices for women’s clothing. And I can get you a 10% off coupon which you can of course add to any offers they might have, just you contact me!
  • Bluenile, offers you cool blings to go with the holidays including, jewelry and other personal accessories
  • Sephora, offers make up for men and women from at least 30 brands and free shipping for an over $50 purchase
  • Passad’or, billions of women, millions of products, thousands of shops & hundreds of brands
  • shoes, this is your perfect online store to purchase shoes. It features more than a dozen brands and stlyles
  • Luxury shopping, more than just a guide, its the ultimate fashion for big spenders
  • findperfectgift, this is more practical and technical, giving you ideas that you may rarely come across
  • Lastly but not least, you may check your usual online stores, everyone’s got an offer i.e. including ebay, amazon and the like.

On the other hand, these are some perfect gifts that you may consider buying for your loved ones:

  • Jewelry and other personal accessories
  • Video game console; wii,PS3,XBox360,PSP,DS. NB the wii has been tipped to be in short supply.
  • Mobile phone; Iphone, Nokia – a vertu luxury series phone; this should wow him or her
  • Consumer electronics; Hts laptop, HD TV, MP3/4 player, video camcorder
  • Tickets; Gym, concert, film/Theater
  • Musicals and films; guitar, drum set, piano, albums, movies, magazines, books and software
  • Plus any other top of the line or custom made item they love
  • Donate your time and or money to a charity, WFP, amnesty and any other charitable organization of your choice
“It is more blessed to give than to receive” acts 20:35

From fashion passion, you are hereby wished a merry Christmas and a happy prosperous new year.


9 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts ideas and offers

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  3. I love the idea of giving something musical or artistic as a gift – especially to a young person. Music and art are gifts for a lifetime. I received my first guitar when I was 14-years old and I play it to this day (20 years later). It has been a hobby that has been part of my life and has made a real difference. It’s always there for me and I can turn to music when I’m happy or I’m sad and it always fits.

    While many of the other gifts certainly are nice and would be fun to have, they are fleeting – at best.

    Just a musician’s opinion. Happy holidays to all!

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