Mitten – outlandishly over size

If fashion designers were keen on their work, the fashion industry would have been years ahead its current time. In respect to this confrontational comment, I would like to point out that I am a little displeased by the men’s gloves/mitten/wuce (whatever you call em’) on the market, even designer ones.

Naturally, men tend to have bigger hands than their female counterparts but this is not a reason to make them outlandishly over sized gloves or mitten. A SUV may look cool with big rims compared to small cars but the key is that they have to fit not only with the wheel mounting hub but also with the car body, otherwise the result shall be shoddy. And my guess is that fashion designers are not trying to monster jam size men’s fashion.

Unfortunately, thats exactly what designers do; they design over sized gloves for men without any fashionable reason. Someone once said that if a product has too many defects, it cannot be fixed, it has to be replaced with a new one. The men’s glove problem calls for a little more concentration at work, for men want to be sleek and smart as much as women do. So I do not see the reason to spend more material creating outlandishly over size gloves when fitting ones may be preferred.

Sleekness adds usability as the hand can still reach in a pocket to answer a call or peruse a paper out in the cold without having to take the gloves off. However, this comfy-ness seems only available to hitmen and gunmen in movies.


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