Fashion extends beyond cladding

For your typical fashion lover, being fashionable goes as far as buying and cladding goes, but for another class; the elite if you may like, keeping their wardrobe in beautiful, spacious and custom armoires is part of their being fashionable. If you have tripped across the popular MTV cribs show then you’ve got the idea. And it makes sense to keep your lavish collection immaculately.

In regard to the notion discussed above (am yet to put it to practice), someone pointed out some interesting article; 10 tools and gadgets for tool lovers. It reveals a whole new world of fashion applications and creates another class, a noble one for that matter, that indulges with fashion at a whole new level.

Even though the article is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to shoes’ fashion, it is a real eye opener for a fashion enthusiast like me. Firstly discussing the Stiletto Laptop Stand and then the ingenious Spike Cake Server, the Foot in the Door High Heel Door Stopper and several more thereafter.

A Stiletto Laptop Stand

A Stiletto Laptop Stand

‘The Stiletto Laptop Stand is the perfect addition to any work area and will allow one to daydream about their beautiful high heels while they are also hard at work. This stand sits nicely on any surface and when folded, is shaped like a stiletto heel! Unfold it to hold your laptop and there is also a piece on the front that also unfolds to keep all of your post-it notes and pens nice and tidy, and the entire case is very easy to assemble with pieces that simply snap together! Because everything goes faster when you’re thinking about shoes!’

For die hard shoe lovers, fashion extends beyond the boundaries of cladding and goes into other applications as well, read more.

shoestream; women’s shoes and boots


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