DIY; Semi-automatic bedmaking technology

Different people have different preferences when it comes to the kind and number of covers they put on their bed. Some go for the common two sheets, a blanket and maybe a bed cover, another group opts for a single sheet and two covers, while another opts for a single sheet single cover.

Of course, there are those factors that determine the way we make our beds such as the weather and the fact that some us of sleep in pajamas.

Interestingly, bed making is an infamous although unspoken house chore that every other sleeper silently wishes it be automated, especially for those who enjoy the double, queen and king sizes. Is it because some are lazy or there is not a perfect time for the chore.

Some people take some time to be fully awake and making the bed is not a priority task during that time while on the other hand, others do not see the point of making the bed when they turn in for the night because in the morning its gonna be a mess again. You have your own reasons for not making the bed 😉

So, while pondering on this issue I discovered a simple tactic of bed making (EUREKA!); I bought a couple of bed sheets that have a rubber band around the corners and can be tucked in and firmly attached to the mattress, and since the weather was favorable, all I needed was a single cover to make a qualitative experiment on my theory: kick the bed straight.

An ordinary bedding set

An ordinary bedding set

As long as the beddings are clean, all you need to do is enjoy your night’s sleep and not care about bed making in the morning. Moreover you don’t have to worry about waking up late and leaving in a hurry or taking too much time to be fully awake; caz the bed making comes later when you turn in. The procedure is precise and easy to follow, when you turn in;

  • hold the upper end of the cover with your hand
  • kick the lower end of the cover to straighten it up
  • (NB: the bed sheet described is capable of  withstanding a couple of nights’ sleep without coming off )

(Mission accomplished). This experiment is safe and can be done at home.

– guest sleeper


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