Ilus nyc, making you a million dollar baby

A million dollar baby look is perhaps a dream to many (I included), whose banks would have to be broken for them to achieve this fashion milestone. But for the fashion die hards, breaking an account is not the hassle, the hassle is to get our hands on outfits that give us the million dollar look and feel; something that break necks and suits our daily needs of being lavish and gorgeous.

Ilus nyc, is a new fashion ’boutique’ offering a collection of designer dresses to potential million dollar babes for a loan. The service enables you to bounce or tip toe on high heels in immaculate frocks without worrying about ownership costs; dry cleaning and storage are taken care of while fitting can be done on site or in the comfort of your crib, courtesy of ilus.

Their collection include new designs from stylish trend setters, as well as from emerging and established designers. With an in season and ever changing inventory of dresses and accessories such as bags, jewelery and shawls, the million dollar collection is yours to rent or purchase.

A million dollar baby

A million dollar baby

The ilus’ ingenious service (a first of its kind) enables you to achieve your fashion expectations with your personal budget in mind, irrespective of your simple and elegant tastes, sensitive or picky personalities.

Read more from an ilus client.

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