Bullet proof fashion, To Serve and Protect

It never occurred to me that clothes could actually serve other purposes than they were invented for; to cover (decently and indecently) and keep warm. A closer look on the fashion racks today shows that an element of protection has been added to service. That sounds like a police force motto; “To serve and to protect”.

As more and more people went to work and lived in dangerous places, their safety and well being remained neglected and unthinkable in world of fashion. Their day to day living was probably more dependent on luck rather than life itself. A unique clothing company sought to police the society where the police themselves had failed or were not in the capability to.

bullet proof fashion

bullet proof fashion

Miguel Caballero designs combine fashion and body safety in their clothing line, producing a range of products from stab to bullet proof.

Products include blazers, raincoats and suede jackets, some replete with a promised comforting stab-proof lining. Customers get to select from three levels of ballistic protection. For instance, a polo shirt that can withstand a slug from a 9-mm revolver costs roughly $7,500; a version for about $9,800 protects wearers from automatic weapons, including mini-Uzis.

And just when you thought things cannot get any better, a bullet proof bra for use by policewomen was recently unveiled thanks to the German police. The new piece is supposedly safer than a conventional one when worn under a bullet proof vest. Apparently, the impact of a bullet can push the metal and plastic bits of a normal bra into an officer’s body, causing serious injury.

The bullet proofs are similar to sports bras, are white, made from cotton or polyester and padded. They also have the word “Police” printed at the bottom. Crucially, though, the bras do not have any under-wire or fastener made out of metal or plastic.




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