"Tops the size of a postage stamp"

This summer has perhaps been the most ill-weathered and damp for many but for those who have been lucky to catch up with the sun, have been left tanned and battered in fashion crossfires. And they wonder why.

Well, several authorities have in the recent past challenged the ideal dress code for public pools, parks, streets and beaches. And what is it with the sunbathers doing so indecently? (Don’t ask me..) First came the saggy pants issue in Louisiana, and a while ago, the banning of thongs and bikinis in Utah, just to mention a few.

And now, Helsinki is the latest city to have been caught up in a mishap of the kind after a woman was ‘allegedly’ caught sunbathing in a children’s pool in strings and tops the size of a postage stamp. The words used to describe the incident are strong and if you’d get the picture you’d perhaps ask the lady to cover up. Apparently, a normal bikini is allowed at the pool. It is not clear however, what a ‘normal bikini’ is for this matter. What is normal and how normal can it be?

One thing beats me though; even though the respective authorities are quick to forbid bikinis and all that, they do not know what is the best outfit for a public sunbather leave alone recommending it to any would bes.

helsinki sanomat


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