Tattoo removal

A statistical research on the number of people who take on tattoos and later remove them has been published. The report says that more and more women are inclined to remove their tattoos as they enter their mid life age. Common reasons include self awareness, difficult in choice of clothes, ‘maturity’ etc.

According to the report, most people get tattoos at the tender age of 18, most just to prove their adulthood to their peers, others due to peer pressure and others to have a sense of belonging. However, on closing in on their thirties, more women than men seek tattoo removal treatments.

At one point, some people just get bored with the art on their body, or may be it might be provocative especially if the bearer is a parent and thus a role model in the society. Moreover, women who might tattoos on their backs, arms, legs, etc might also find it hard to purchase clothes that will cover their the art and might feel out of fashion if they have to fully cover their entire bodies especially during summer; some jobs now require that employees cover any tattoos that they might have.

After undergoing the the skillful and painful needle of a tattooist, two in three people seeking tattoo removal are more likely to be women, notes the report.


11 thoughts on “Tattoo removal

  1. My girlfriend has a full back tattoo, and 6 other smaller tattoos throughout her body. She’s 26 now and regrets most of them. Her last two jobs made her cover up the tattoos on her upper chest and arms, making the summer pretty miserable. Her younger sister just turned 22 and has gotten 2 tattoos in under a month. She’s trying to get her to understand that she may regret them in a few years. She doesn’t want to be a grandmother with winged hearts on her forearms. Once she saves up enough money, she may try removal.

  2. Laser tattoo removal seems to be the best solution today. But it is expensive and painful. I would suggest trying some of the fade creams first. They work well for some people.

  3. As a mother and mature woman, I no longer enjoy having permanent art on my body. I wish I had put more thought into getting a tattoo when I was younger. I try to stress that to my children and I hope they will remember my advise. I have been using Tat B Gone off and on for 2 years now. It does seem to be fading them away, it justs takes a lot of patience and strict regiment of applying it everyday. I also use Tattoo Camo which is great whenever I need to cover my neck and arm tattoos; its high quality make-up and stays on all day, even if I go in the pool!

  4. Are you not happy with the tattoo inked on your skin? Laser treatment tattoo removal process is the best idea then. Though costly ($200 to $500 per session) to some extent, laser treatment tattoo removal does not generally harm surrounding skin and completely remove the tattoo.

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