Did you know? I didn’t!

This is weird! I don’t even know how I came across it! I stumbled onto an article on some online news site that went something like, “Do you know that X% percent of women do not wear their right size of bra?” (I might have been good at math but in this case I do not recall the numerical value of X). I quickly answered to myself, ‘No!, I don’t!’. And with a lot of curiosity clicked on the link to check out the whole article, I guess other fashion enthusiasts like me would have done the same…or

The article eventually led to a site dedicated to bras and bras only; therightbraforyou.com, that contained a lot of information and unbelievably even instruction on how to put on a bra. Sort of DIY how to wear a bra.

Amazingly, I just perused the site in search of something intriguing that I did not know before or that I would want to write about. But the point that a big percentage of the other gender don’t wear their right size was just puzzling, I was left wondering how comes… how would the most fashion conscious beings miss out on their calling? . I really cannot clarify the accuracy of the article, and even if I would want to, how can I? its not like they will give me a pilgrim chance to check that the ‘tyres fit the rims’, and besides the rims come in different sizes, 17, 22, 26..and a half..you name it.


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