Fake tans – Fashion Higher than the weather

With the beginning of summer being dull and the weatherman promising a wet one, what are tan die hards going to do to have one? Perhaps turn to fake tans! Yep, thats a tan that you get by painting your body as if it was a car.

fake tan

But by how much does fake tanning erode our social ethics and what does the society think about it?

The media itself has not embraced the idea at all. As a matter of fact, it has more often than not spoken negatively about fake tans. The fashion industry on the other hand is too conscious to praise the newly found way of tanning oneself no matter the weather.

Back in the day when breast enlargement, liposuction, botox and all that were being introduced to the fashion market, there was a lot of critisism about their usage not only from the media but also from the general society. However, it didn’t take that long for the newly found ways of restoring and correcting mother nature’s mistakes to become mainstream and to receive good publicity.

Fake tans on the other hand might be the new kid on the fashion block; and when we get acquainted, the kid is gonna be famous. Even though many wrongs do not make a right, they certainly do set standards that gradually become a trend. They might remain unpopular with the old school and the conservatives but are influential enough to have a following especially by the fashion conscious extremes.


The fake tanners might be considered unnatural; because their skin doesn’t reflect the weather, they can tan in the middle of winter…I bet the lyrics below were written for them, they are either flying above the weather or walking under umbrellas.

No clouds in my storms
Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank
Coming down with the Dow Jones
When the clouds come we gone, we Rocafella
She fly higher than weather

– Umbrella – Rihanna ft Jay Z


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