No thongs or string bikinis

Guess what, the most controversial fashion amendment that I’ve come across to date, a Utah city council woman says “My recommendation is going to be no thongs or string bikinis” i.e. at the city’s pool. She called the original dress code, a ban on bikinis at the city pool, an oversight.


Mmh, so I am thinking that you might have to bask or get into the pool in your work clothes. By the way what are the charges if you bend or break this dress code? Apparently, bikinis that don’t reveal too much will be allowed; so there will be someone at the pool asking to see your underwear and telling you “you cannot have that around here! I can see your —-“. What is the ideal bikini that will not reveal too much? How are you supposed to get that tan when you are all covered up?

Would love to hear what you think about this, I think its a little extreme…I think banning thongs and strings just makes it useless to go to the pool at least for those who want to bask in them and for those who want to see them..



4 thoughts on “No thongs or string bikinis

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