Sex and the city brings fashion to town

Honestly, am not really a fan of the show, but may be for fashion reasons, I may take a peek every now and then. Obviously sex and the city does more than just bring sex in the city. It is a modern fashion machine in its own right. It gives you the urge to dress better, and me, another reason to write….

sex in the city

c.o time

My favorite actress in the show is Kristin Davis, I just love everything about her, actually caz she somehow reminds me of someone 😉 , no seriously.. . I love her hair style, her taste for fashion even though she might actually have a personal dresser/designer…

For fashion junkies who are a little like me, you cannot avoid to turn around and stare at a fashionably dressed being, it just reminds you that fashion is still young and undiscovered and makes you wanna play part in its upbringing.


2 thoughts on “Sex and the city brings fashion to town

  1. I love sex and the city style- my favorite look from the movie was Carrie’s outfit when she wore the pink mini, killer heels and the long pearl necklace… i just bought a really fabulous necklace from premium pearl to copy the look but I can’t seem to find the shoes- any suggestions?

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