A woman is well dressed when she is closest to being naked

If you agree or disagree with the title of this article, you might actually know something about fashion, but to which side do you fall? In my world of fashion, a glass half empty or half full is one and the same thing but you may see better via an almost empty one… get the picture?.

By the way, this is not my idea, its just something that I thought would be worth commenting on and passing it on to you as food for thought.

I think that in the modern world, most fashion conscious women are well dressed when they are almost naked. Take the Hollywood red carpets for example, those that are described as fashionable by the media are more or less naked; there is nothing left to the imagination. One look and you can visualize the whole package in 3D. If it was an IT product on sale, it would perhaps have that ‘works right out-of-the-box’ tag. And thats the same with the runways as well, it is either they are barely covered or worse, otherwise.

This fashion trend of being well dressed when almost naked has got to the point that women have done away with their inner wears while they outer ones cover less or are more see me vias. The petticoat was done away with decades ago and it is now common to pose on the red carpet without a bra, with the two dudes freelancing aimlessly about and sometimes popping out to say hello! Worst shots have been captured by the paparazzi whereby fashion icons or role models have been spotted without a string, but the media loves it!

Whether it is good or not is not the issue but the thing is it is gonna spread to the society like forest fire, well, it has already. And thats why we have jumped ship: “she is well dressed when she is closest to being naked”

What do you think?


One thought on “A woman is well dressed when she is closest to being naked

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