Five ways to lasting beauty

If you want your looks to last, ‘you’ve got to be able to tell the difference between the way you look and the way you think about your looks. Most people are tirelessly working on their physical beauty but tend to forget about the inner satisfaction of the outcome’.

5 ways to lasting beauty

And the steps are:

  • Get any makeover you believe yourself
  • Change your story
  • Change your comparison
  • Become glamorous
  • Be shameless

check out the full article at cnn

– c/o cnn

I just wish they would dig deeper into this topic for instance on DIY, it would be a little odd but helpful; they would simply tell you to cut your spending on your looks and do whatever you think is necessary. I say if it works don’t fix it! It will not take the two entities to the next level.


One thought on “Five ways to lasting beauty

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