Wearable Technology – Nokia 888

Once again, I am hitting back at this topic; for those of us who thought wearable devices are never gonna be a reality, I guess its time we started changing our stand. Forget your clumsy analog or digital wrist watch, think about a feature full multimedia mobile phone around your wrist!

Yea! Thats where we at right now! Just so I may ease your suspense, take a look at the picture below

nokia 888 nokia 888 nokia 888

Unbelievable? You will be wearing this on your wrist in maybe an year’s time. And its not just a phone or a watch or an mp3 player or a multimedia device or a ‘white ice bling’ on your wrist; its gonna be all those in one and even more. Another amazing feature of this amazing bling is that you can customize its look to be the same with your outfit, as in you can customize the skin and set it to look like you handbag, cardigan, or dress.

Just to let you in on the feature specifications, its gonna have or support at least:

  • liquid battery
  • speech recognition
  • flexible touch screen
  • touch sensitive body cover that understands and adjusts to environment changes
  • It can be rolled, folded and attached to clothes like a clip …
  • and many more…

I don’t really understand how they came up with the model number as 888, sounds weird to me ;), but at least the device itself is a broad fashion statement,
Nokia 888 Sneak Preview


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