A Fashion Poem

We’ve been born fashion, we’re here to stay

We have the flow, we’re here with frays

With a flow to a show, we catwalk with sways

With a know how, some dow, n a show to run, we’re to stay


Without strings attached, they run the show with strings and thongs

With strings attached, we suit in stripes and straps

Wake up with the make up, take-away make-up by the drive-in

From pedicures to manicures to ‘womancures’ all while driving


Handbags got paint and polish, to brush and to polish

From head to toe, it’s all sparkling, for a dent there is a tow

For a friend or a foe, it’s all for a sparkling show

For a clipped toe, there is an open shoe, with a show

With bangles, earrings, necklaces, a ring and bling

With a dangle, a shake, a sway, a click and cling

With a handle, and a chain, and another, am zing

A tattoo, mascara, and a tan, am think, am zinc’d


21 thoughts on “A Fashion Poem

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  2. GREAT work! you need more poems bout fashion Cause I can hardly find any good ones. And like im doing home work in looking at poems so I decided to do fashion cause like its my passion 🙂 so can you please do more. Jess + Laura BFFL ♥

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are a fashion retail company in Malaysia. We are looking for freelance designer. If you or your friends are interested, please contact us.



  4. fashion is my passion i sew all day everyday and i would like to become a fashion designer so bad and even model my own clothes

  5. Your poem is reflect my thought,I am long for freedom just as the poem said ‘With a flow to a show, we catwalk with sways’, so cool!

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