Super Size Me

I recently had a ‘pilgrim’ priviledge of watching a Miss XXL pergent competition on a 4D TV program, and it was really inspiring. The show, unlike any other fashion show that we’ve been used to had ‘XXL’ participants and a prerequisite requirement was that each had to be above size 48. It was different in all aspects, and the main theme was about boldness above anything else. The show was titled “Miss XXL”, (The Bold and The Beautiful) and it was not ‘robotic or plastic’ as has been the norm with fashion shows.

Most of the participants were well over a hundred kgs and they did all that it partakes in such a contest including dancing, singing, cat walking, bikini competition among other things. It was a life time experience after having watched ‘hangers on the runway’ for the better part of my life. My main inspiration was the self-satisfaction in the participants as individuals and as a group. “Whether you’ve got curves or swerves, you’ve got to use what you got!”, a para phrase from one of the participants was one of the best thing that caught my mind.

Just as you may expect in any show, the girls had ample time to prepare and rehearse for the competition. The show gave us a view of their eating habits during their meal times, and guess what, they ate big; nothing about being afraid of a ‘SUPER SIZE ME’ was evident. It was against all odds, at least I’ven’t seen participants eat up before this kind of a show.

Scientists/doctors/critics etc have had their ‘overrated’ opinions about being overweight (XXL), but I could not help but admire the participants’ pride in their sizes and looks. A famous entertainer once said that he hated critics because they only criticize things that they can’t do; and he welcomed them to ‘criticize these’ (referring to his balls). In that respect I (me & you) ought to blame the media for its role in introducing the ‘new’ social problem.

You ought to admit that the overrated issue over XXLs have gone way too much sparkling social problems especially the size zero. And now the world is trying to reverse this, its not gonna be easy.

On the other hand, of course, we ought to be watchful of our health, but most importantly self satisfaction and esteem should reign irrespective of our size.


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