You Wanna Tie The Knot? (An Engagement Fling)

An Engagement Fling – An Engagement Fashionable Bling

Where do you plan to get the diamonds, the gold, the ice, the flavor or that thing that you and your partner are into? I am yet to be in the situation so am more of seeking for information and not giving it out.

What are the things that you look for when buying an engagement/wedding ring? What are the popular rocks in the game and why? If you had more papers with presidents’ faces on them, would you buy or would you have bought a more expensive ROCK?

An Emerald cut acqumarine engagement ring

Engagement ring

1.97ct near perfect emerald cut aquamarine with horizontally set baguette diamonds in 18ct white gold engagement ring

I’ve heard some rumors that sometimes women discuss the monetary value of the rock with friends; and the more the value the more she thinks she is loved. Any opinions, comments, criticisms? Would love to hear this.

For your information am not coming up to that moment (of buying rocks or exchanging them) anytime soon, hopefully I’ll in the future, I just ran into a site where people were auctioning their rocks after splitting with their partners; idonowidont.

How w’d you rid off your rocks if the unforeseen happened? Would that not be like selling off your love for someone or is it the ultimate way to rehabilitate one self?

And for those of you who are in ‘my stage’ (hopefully waiting to buy or get a rock from someone), how would you like yours done?

Am thinking that its a little awkward that Love and Rocks are entangled like this – its like that Justin Timberlake’s song Lovestoned (I think that she knows)


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