US Airlines unclaimed luggage on sale

Actually it is not exactly up for sale, it is up for bargain. And that of course is if it has gone unclaimed for over 90 days since the day it was deemed lost. Well this ain’t good news to all, especially if you happen to be one of those who have lost their luggage in transit. There are those things that we may hate losing in such a way.

Anyway, they are being sold in a ‘warehouse’ in Alabama. And thats the perfect place to be if you are a bargain hunter or a gold digger; never know where the gold is gonna turn up, or it could be your last chance to reclaim the contents of your lost luggage. The lost ‘merchandise’ may comprise of (it goes without saying) stuff such as clothes to expensive jewelry and other personal accessories.

Airline Luggage

In the past ‘gold diggers’ have found/collected/bought some very unusual and rare items, some sewn in the linings of cases or hidden in crates. Just to give you an idea, this is what has been collected:

  • full suit of Armour
  • An underwater camera from NASA
  • Egyptian artifacts
  • Movie props
  • Hidden cash/Jewelry

Well, ‘the finders are the keepers’, so in that respect you can keep what you bought or what you found in what you bought. Either way, it feels like a good deal to me.

Got to warn you though, illegal animal migration means that a lot of snakes, rats, young crocodiles etc and even birds are being stuffed in the luggage by weirdos. Tread carefully, you don’t need the unexpected!

Gold is for gold diggers, dig fashionably!



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