Brand Vs Quality; A Reality Check

Brand Vs Quality – (expensive ain’t always quality) has been given a reality check! And the outcome is unbelievable;

A study published in the British Journal of Medicine says that “Expensive trainers do not protect runner’s feet better than cheap ones”. According to the report, electronic tests were conducted on eight areas of the sole. The shoes had a price tag ranging from £40 to £75, all from different manufacturers.

Astonishingly, the test found “no major differences” in cushioning impact and “neither pressure nor comfort” are related to the cost of the trainers. It appears to be the consumer’s perception that by “paying more you are getting something better”; the results showed otherwise.

I guess this applies to other (but not all) fashion products. Its upon you to protect your interests; but of course your pocket has the ‘say’ here;

Purchase fashionably!



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