A Perfectly Fashionable Life – The Civilized Way

I have spent sometime pondering about this life, just as you may have. Interestingly, there is no evidence of where its headed leave alone where it came from and that makes it the only unsolved mystery known to (shall I say James Bond) man.

One thing that I’ve come to accept in life is that there are some honestly great things about life that we will never come across, even though we may see them everyday and respectfully envy those who have them.

A good family, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, a perfect job (and pay), sincere love, peace, ‘the Benjamins’, beauty, beautiful house, nice car, perfect health, good relationship with immediate and distant neighbors and enemies, chic clothes, cool bling, …..

Is it a curse, our greed, lack of being satisfied or the love of wanting to cause misery, mistrust, hatred, war, global warming and ruin our lives.

There is always a trade off no matter what:

  • A good husband who keeps a mistress, a lovely wife who cheats on you
  • A perfect job with a not so good salary
  • A sleek, ill-looking & fitting garment making you unfashionable
  • A good car and a house thats falling apart (and vice-versa)
  • Peace with your enemies and war with your friends (and vice-versa)
  • An account full of ‘the Benjamins’ and still in the pursuit for happiness
  • A golden ‘chick’ that will not lay eggs
  • Married and bored, single and lonely
  • A humble life, full of misery, or carried away by a hurricane, tsunami, drought, war, floods, etc
  • A perfect society where everyone gets to commit a crime and ends up behind bars and then impatiently waits to stage the perfect prison break
  • A luxurious life full of drama, stress, rehabs, celebrity status and s–e–x videos
  • A powerful individual without any freedom (having bodyguards around the clock)
  • Good songs filled with disrespectful and meaningless lyrics
  • A cell phone or laptop thats harmful to your health
  • A cosmetic surgery gone wrong
  • Cool video games filled with guns and blood
  • Sleek, fast and furious(ly) moving cars, leaving accidents all over
  • Desperate housewives stuck at Wisteria lanes all over the world
  • Mr and Mrs Smiths dying to take out each other
  • A perfectly lazy life with late arrival to own cremation

The list is endless, perhaps someone somewhere has some perfectly fashionable life, Congratulation to you! To the rest of us, lets cut down our carbon emission if thats all we can, for the sake of a perfectly fashionable life.


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