Fashion Tips: How to roll out a successful fashion line

It seems like every other celebrity is rolling out their own clothing lines, so in that respect (literally) if you would like to someday roll out your own, you might wanna follow my sketches:

  1. Get yourself some ‘celebrity status’ (by doing music/movies/whatever) or get one with the status for advertising.
  2. Produce/design your line or buy an existing one
  3. Customers are looking for quality and custom signatures; ‘quality-tize’ and customize your line.
  4. Avoid ‘illegal’ sources of raw materials such as fur or skin
  5. Avoid child labor in your production lines.
  6. Tell the world about your line.
  7. Ensure a ‘green’ roll out

NB: People perceive celebrities with some kind of mysterious trust and attract, and every successful line has its own


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