Britney Spears, The Comeback

I did not actually have the prestige to watch the MTV video music awards, but don’t worry, I caught up via the net and of course the gossip. Britney Spears made her long-awaited comeback (a.k.a second debut). Yep, she made her comeback in a sequined bikini and knee-high boots, and a somehow leathery entourage.

Unfortunately for the once famous diva and fashion icon, her performance did not live up to the expectations and it had been named an embarrassment by some, a disaster by others. Basically everyone has had their load of terms and phrases to refer to this. Even the fashion world didn’t like her outfit.

Irrespective of these facts, I think we all fall short of one thing, because if we all could have been in that position; trying to stage a comeback we would have loved some support not just criticizing. And obviously we can offer more for an ex wife, ex diva, mother, etc trying to put the pieces of her life together.

For starters, the fashion world should ensure that her next wardrobe is chic and lives to the hype. At least what I gather from this page is that word is spreading. Good luck next time Spears.


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