White is (not) for purity; In A Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses have been by tradition white; . I don’t really know when how or why the tradition came into being or when it became fashion. And most surprisingly, it is one of those fashion styles that have not died or changed with time.

The significance of the color back then might have been beauty or purity or to mark the importance of the occasion.

But yet again, the groom (might) have been left in dark colors and so is the case to this day. And with the high rates of divorce, we obviously would’ve broken the norm.

That takes me to the second option; purity. If the wedding dress signified purity, then it might have had a chance (in the old times) since the ‘world was not over exposed’; a lot was still considered sacred and cultural values were kept. Obviously, its not the case with ‘the days of our lives’, a lot of things have changed, and a lot of values have been broken and we have crossed the lines. And if we for a second still think that the white dress is for purity, then we should be witnessing brides with darker colors. Of course the fashion industry will not have a hustle doing dark wedding dresses, its just gonna be hard to determine the variations.

The only plausible significance of the white dress is beauty; women are beautiful and brides are too, especially when they are in that special dress. And their beauty whether you like it or not lights up the (special) once famous occasion; nowadays it has become a routine, something that we get to do every now and then.

Just as the saying goes; as white as snow, but we have already ruined the snow!


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