Fashion Tips: How To Dress At The Office

10 Tips how to dress fashionably at the office:

  1. Whether it is casual or formal wear, be smart and ‘crease free’; iron your clothes.
  2. Be presentable, not just to your workmates and superiors but also to any visitors at the office.
  3. Shop sensibly, make sure your clothes fit you comfortably, a wardrobe malfunction could cost you a lot at your workplace.
  4. Choose colognes and perfumes wisely; avoid strong smells
  5. Keep make-up to a minimum
  6. Keep you inner-self to yourself; no indecent exposers at the office.
  7. Use a simple but smart and presentable hair style.
  8. Leather shoes, low heels should be preferred. Avoid excessive heels or ‘noise-making’ shoes. If you need to wear boots or other kinds of shoes (outside the office) that maybe inappropriate at the office, keep an extra pair under your desk.
  9. Avoid excessive jewelry or bling; (your workplace is not a music video shooting scene)
  10. To avoid any unforeseen embarrassment take a handkerchief or a napkin with u; it will always be handy if you’ve to dirt off your clothes or clear your nostril.

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