A World That Has Forsaken Its Own

A World Obsessed With Matters That Are Not Its Own


Our word is evil, but the devil is beyond, our eyes are sealed for things that are behold

Our extravagance is beyond measure, our ignorance is beyond leisure

Our obsession of worlds beyond exceeds the concerns of our own

We are at ease in paying respect to our fallen heroes than in chatting out enmity with our foes

Our world is materialistic, possessions overflowing but deep inside we are empty and lacking


We fight wars for humanity but in reality the wars bring disparity

Our pride may just be for now, for we are definite of our fall, in the future

Our selfishness is without a cause, we stir at the slightest stir

Our response is detrimental, without sacrifice, it’s a full scale massacre


The life in the aftermath is in ruins, tatters and shattered

For there stands beautiful houses in a row, filled with broken families inside them

Where everything living thing and issue goes unspoken of, yet we wonder of worlds beyond

For I may be your best friend but in reality I am your worst nightmare, your worst enemy; the reality.


a fasean’s writing


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