Fashion Vs Personality

A fashion reality check!

Ok people, lets be honest here, when you are looking for a mister or miss right what matters the most to you? Their personality or their way of dressing.

See, I know a lot of people who get carried away by fashion without even realizing it. And even before they get to meet someone and get to know them, they’ve already ‘judged the book’ by its cover. You know what I mean, if a lady dresses down right, guys break their necks as she passes by ;). I ain’t usher so this ain’t no confessions.

And women fall for that thingy too, its not exactly a thingy but it kind of works for both sexes.

After that ‘judgmental’ moment, you’ve already made your conclusions; – I want that, I wish my guy w’d dress up like that, …….

If by any chance you are an exception of the rule, .. well I don’t know what to say, but its like our modern world is more fashion oriented than everything else :).

And now you know where am going with this; you wanna hit ‘jackpot’ dress fashionably, and of course don’t forget that personality matters too; read the book – page by page!


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