My cover girl; Lily Allen

Other than the exceptional beauty that she possess and her sweet voice, there is another thing that I love about this girl; her sense and ability to cover up. I think she is the only girl in the show business or with celebrity status to be able to dress responsibly. And she is proud that she is not skinny!

Damn! If only I had the powers I could give you a fashion award, a big one! Right now you are my cover girl and a fashion queen. Everyone else in Hollywood seems to be occupied with exposing their goodies, they don’t even make a point of carrying one of those ‘Parental Advisory’ signs around even though their goodies are explicit, way too explicit.

Lily allen

I searched in vain on the net for the full (above) photo, she was really gorgeous with the pullover. Keep it up girl!, even if it means insuring it. (We are better of living with imaginations than with the reality!)

Am sorry that am a fan of your work, beauty and sense of fashion; naturally it should just be your work…. 🙂


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