A Top of The Line T-shirt

I recently had the privilege of acquiring a top of the line T-shirt designed by a company called TheRyde.

The company sells its products; (‘surf-inspired’) T-shirts, online as well as through its stores in the US, UK, France, Puerto Rico and Japan. Its online shop offers a thorough walk-via of the T-shirts on sale as well as various designs available. Online shoppers or window shoppers can also check out products that are on offer and place orders for them.

Why is the T-shirt a ‘top of the line’ product?

  • Firstly, the buyer gets to choose the design in which the piece they buy comes in; there are over 8 dozen artistic designs to chose from.
  • And even better, the site provides detailed sizing information and thus it is easy and straight forward to select an absolute fit or style.
  • You can also choose between a long or short sleeve shirt and if that doesn’t satisfy your needs, you have an option to take a ‘hood-like’ shirt.
  • There are also assorted colors to chose from.
  • The product is 100% cotton; comfortable to wear, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Something that perhaps might go unnoticed or unannounced is the tag; on the T-shirt, it is removable without causing any damage to the material. I am yet to find another company that sells clothing with removable tags. And with cotton, you don’t necessarily have to remember the washing or ironing instructions because your respective home appliances have instructions for that. Otherwise, cotton is still well suited for a hand wash.
  • More-over, there are T-shirts for men, women and babies; thats T-shirts for all sexes! And with the sizing information provision, it is literally a one design fits all deal.
  • Last but not least, is fact that the T-shirt that I got from TheRyde is a great fit for me, if you check out the designs and get one for yourself your own custom shirt, please don’t forget to give me a shout and tell me how you and your new T-shirt are getting along!

A Top of The Line T-shirt, brought to you by theRyde


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