Breaking the (dress) code

Bare shoulders, exposed tummies, unpedicured toes. There’s a lot of things that shouldn’t be seen in the office, and those are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Summer throws our sense of what’s appropriate for work – and sometimes our common sense – out the window.

Before reading the rest of the article from BBC here’s a list of somethings that your boss (and perhaps your co-workers) should not see (Especially if your workplace is an office):

  • Under wears, – no see-me-throughs
  • Extreme make-up
  • Excessive (indecent) skin exposure
  • Extreme nails, tattoos, hair styles etc
  • Extra large and/or unnecessary jewelry and bling
  • Your abs, belly or stomach or whatever you may wanna call it, it ain’t meant for your boss! EVER!)

Of course some circumstances or situations may allow temporary breaks to dress codes or rather what I refer to fashion commandments, but until then be chic and dress fashionably.

A situation that may be exempt from this may include a photo or a film shoot, artistic work, costume parties among others.

Although you may every now and then break the dress code, your privacy is a hazard to the public; I will not specify the nature. Some celebrities have had the ‘pleasure’ to publicly flash their va-j-j s in front of the camera. Take a look here. It is embarrassing to have a role model entangled in this kind of stuff; It ain’t fashionable!


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