Brand Vs Quality

What matters to you when you are doing shopping, brand or quality? Brand ain’t always quality, especially when it comes to clothes. For me, quality comes first, brand may be expensive or extremely OVER PRICED even when quality is not inclusive. Yea, I know that gives you some prestige when you are in a class of your own, but is it always worth it? Well, I can’t really answer that now, am not over priced.

But, you could be at the same level as your ‘brandy’ fashion with a little less money if brand was not always what you went for every time you hit the shops. Some well known brands are ‘pricy’ and quality inclusive, and thats good for the consumer. However, over pricing is becoming a norm, and its upon you as a consumer to protect your rights. Go with affordable quality not over priced brands!

Just so you don’t get confused, fashion and brand are two different things, even by definition. This is just some opinion, the decision is up to you. Your pocket have a say in this too…

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4 thoughts on “Brand Vs Quality

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  3. Hello fellow blogger! I’m rather new to blogs but I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your blog here about Becoming Marie Antoinette; It kept me engrossed all the way to the end! Keep up the fine work… I’m always hoping to learn more about Marie Antoinette.

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