Your ill fitting clothes: wardrobe malfunction

Hello readers,

If you are reading this page, there is a high probability that you enjoy fashion to some extent or if thats not the case, you know someone who does. And to make matters more interesting or worse, you know that your wardrobe is half-filled with ill fitting clad or in simpler terms, clothes that you don’t enjoy having. The kind that you will put on to mow your lawn, stuff that you can’t wear on a day or evening out. And we all do, except for those of us who are lucky to have a personal dresser to pick up the right clothes for us. (By the way am not that kind, I just wish someday I’ll be a personal dresser).

What seems to be the matter? We know our sizes and we usually try clothes out before buying them, yet we continue piling up junk in the wardrobe. This is where some fashion sense comes in, we need to save money and only buy stuff thats right for us by all means. A little tip about shopping from me: don’t ignore those minute details while doing shopping, because they might cost you dearly. Take time to check things out, you’ll be better off with nothing than with something that you don’t need!

Get some advice or opinions from friends, your dresser, and even the shopkeeper. Surf the net! And above all, know your sizes, your style and taste. Fashion ain’t easy, it takes time to come by. If you wanna stand out, you ought to stand by me on this đŸ™‚ And if you don’t want some public embarrassment, dress right; you’ve of course seen or heard about celebrity’s wardrobe malfunction (by dose). No names to mention or fingers to point for now, just watch out! You might be the next victim!

Get rid of your haggard fashion and get back on track. Your fashion tells a lot about you, and its not just that, it opens up opportunities too. Better get it right!

A wardrobe


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