Summer rains down

The summer is finally wet and over! If you are smart enough, you don’t have to to wait for your weather guy to tell you so; Its over! So its a high time you stopped doing that summer-clothes shopping unless its something on sale or chic enough not to be ignored. Its been a chilly and wet summer with some few hot spells here and there. Other than that people have had to paddle their way via summer, abandon their cars or homes, others got struck by lightening, while others have had to be rescued.

Am not a weather specialist so am not gonna say that there is a link between this and global warming; sure, the floods have hit the North from England to India and other places around the world. Not to mention that this might just be the beginning, we don’t know what the future holds.

So, in that respect, its time to prepare your wardrobe to get you through the winter. Get your usual fashion gear ready, you know your scarf, hat, gloves, overcoats etc, and purchase a warmer jeans especially if you feel uncomfortable in two pairs of pants during winter, like I do. I hate to dress like that, and to be honest, I’ve done it only once. Its just so stuffy for me! And I know thats a mean thing for me to say because other people perhaps enjoy it. But thats what makes our fashion tastes and preferences difference and fashion diverse.

And don’t forget, in Australia’s biggest city Sydney, the authorities are asking the city residents to pack a “Go-bag“; a survival kit, something to get via with in case of an urban disaster, for me am just asking you to get your wardrobe ready just in case the winter gets nasty. And if the wet weather continues, get yourself one of those Rihanna’s umbrellas. It’ll be a fashionable thing to do!

Hope you had a great summer! Cheers!!


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