Modern fashion: The new body suits

The Burqini

If you don’t already know, the fashion industry might be offering more than you ask for today. The previously famous swim suit or rather your bikini has had a face lift to what is now being referred to as a Burqini; from burqa & bikini. The burqa is simply a veil or the enveloping outer garment worn by some traditional Islamic women to cloak the entire body.

And with that you can imagine the purpose of the burqini; its for those who feel its best to have their body covered while at the beach or in the swimming pool, for various reasons such as old age, religion, sun protection, personal reasons among others. And its even better because the same kind of design is being used to make sports wear for these people.

The burqini:

The burqini, no matter how modern or traditional it looks definitely opens opportunities for a lot of people. And thats fashion, at its best! And since we have ignored the effects of global warming, the burqini might become mainstream, replacing the bikini, if weather conditions remain unpredictable, even in the summer seasons.

The (Spiderman) Spacesuit

With the mention of a spacesuit, many of us think of some thick, blocky, and robotic-like body covering used by astronauts, some thing like this:


Well, it looks and has always looked bulky to me since I first saw it; on TV or wherever. And the consequences of being bulky, astronauts end up wasting more energy moving inside the suits among other things. Of course there are reasons why the suits are bulky and all that but it also means that there is more to be done to develop an astronaut-friendly suit.

Well thats all about to change as scientists at MIT have come up with a modern spacesuit design that will increase the agility of astronauts and save them from the old day’s bulky suit. And here it is ladies and gentlemen the modern spacesuit

And as you can see, there is no comparison between the two; the former one was more of a robot than anything while the later is more like a pro-biker’s suit. Its creators say that it will give astronauts the kind of agility and flexibility that spider man enjoys from his. Commercial versions will be custom made to fit astronaut’s size, and it will fit on like a wet suit. It’ll be made from light-weight materials and thus enabling wearers to tackle space-like environment while still maximizing their body movement and flexibility, something that the older suit would not achieve.

If you look closely, you gotta realize that the modern suit has a unique and chic style and feel, and thats why I think its cool. The older one seems to have been designed by space scientists, while the later one seems to have been designed by some fashion designer without the constricts of physics. Once we get astronauts on the moon in the modern suits could be the first time for man to have really set foot on moon, the previous endeavor was more or less accomplished by a ‘robot’ (- the mechanical content exceeded human) .

Of course there are a few milestones left before the suit is certified for space use. But it seems that future space tourists are going to have an easy time, unlike if trips to space will be carried out in older suits.

“This is one step for a man, a giant leap for mankind” – neils armstrong


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