fashion Dilemma

Is fashion tradition or is tradition fashion?

Which one came first, or in other words, what brought the other into existence? Sounds to me like another ‘chicken and egg’ problem. In practice, take into consideration the little wedding ‘strip tease’ ritual, where the bride throws a bunch of (say) flowers and a lucky bachelor gets to slip off a band from her thigh using his mouth. Where did this come from anyway? Who invented it?

Anyway, as I was saying, I think fashion came first, and eventually that became tradition if it was a common practice for the day. Of course as fashion evolved, tradition changed along, and everything modern no longer has a medieval tie, and if it has, then it is a weak one. We somehow have been eager to adopt to new fashions while at the same time have abandoned our older fashion in rate high than ‘I’ can imagine. Whatever, our great grandfathers wore as fashion is no longer with us, and whats worse? We don’t even have an idea what it used to be like! And if it is with us, it has undergone a dramatic change that it no longer resembles its ‘parent’ counterpart.

Perhaps it would be great to record history in ‘as it is’ basis before it changes; and in so doing, we can with evidence tell that fashion is tradition or vice-versa. Else our fashion’s tradition is short lived and or long lived.


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