Dressing your pet

It is not such a bad practice after all, you know, some people love to dress their dogs and cats. I even heard about a 9ft adder being dressed. And its done just for the love of fashion; people want their outfit to match their pets clothes or just because some outfits make the pet cute. Works for me.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t work for all of us. I know of some people who’ve been complaining about animals being dressed. You know, because naturally, they aren’t meant to be dressed and even worse they cannot respond to being dressed and say they are comfortable or not. Thats like breaking the laws of nature, and perhaps some one should take the blame; only if animals had dominion over us (at least this doesn’t seem to bother the animal rights) . Oh, poor pets….

But on the other hand it ain’t that ‘gross’ especially if it is being done for medical reasons or if it is done during winter when your pet, just like you, needs that extra warmth. Otherwise, let you pet breathe and naturally live…


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