An Airport Hustle: Dressing to undress

When air travel was commercialized, it was a typical affair for passengers getting on board; no baggage screening or body searches. However, this gradually changed to what has now become air travelers’ biggest nightmare; “dressing to undress”. Nowadays, you have to take off your jacket, and all other lose clothing, not to mention, your belt, jewelry, shoes etc have to go off too.

Of course the gradual change is still in progress, and we can easily predict the future; we might have to undress to go through the detectors. Damn, its like airports are gonna turn into some sort of stripping joints, and the guy behind the screens is gonna be watching the show; And as if thats not enough, there is that masculine security guy in gloves waiting to get his hands all over you if the ‘faulty’ or ‘functional’ machine does what it does.

Well, its done for a reason, but it degrades the innocent traveler, making them feel unwelcome, mistreated, bullied and all that. For Pete’s sake can’t someone come up with a decent method of going about this?

For now it seems that the air travelers are bound to the ‘dress to undress’ ritual at the airports, unless you’ve got that extra paper to get you on a private jet.


3 thoughts on “An Airport Hustle: Dressing to undress

  1. This is leading to serious traveling limitations. State and Federal Police Officer already show symptoms of stress each time excess force occurs during a routine detention or Law Enforcement Standard Procedure.

    Now imagine the atrocities we can expect at poorly supervised check points and/or encountering an emotionally unstable airport officer with the authority to strip us off our clothing !!!!!!

    I suggest reluctant compliance in the meantime, while Lawmakers wake up and start working on what they get paid for: look after the people they represent !!!!


  2. What a great post on Marie Antoinette Undress! Seriously, some of your best work. I can’t argue with one word of it, and I just subscribed to your feed. In the future, how about a post on ANCHOR_TEXT%? Cheers!

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