Green fashion

With all the technology investment going on in the car industry to cut the carbon footprint as a result of oil dependence, I think it is a high time that the fashion industry followed suit. Fashion industry is perhaps the largest of all, but not the most polluting. However, that doesn’t mean that the industry should relax, there is a lot of room for improvement and that affects each an every one of us; we are fashion consumers.

The industry should move to and promote the use of eco-friendly and organic materials. Consumers should also be able to acquire information regarding different materials and their respective effect on the environment. With that, the consumers can make wise decisions while doing shopping and thus be able to actively take part in environmental conservation.

Perhaps, better recycling schemes should also be introduced, to reduce the net waste that goes to a landfill or any other waste disposal facility. Especially for perfumes, fragrances and make-up packagings.

And with fashion going green, it will not necessarily mean that we have to sacrifice anything; we will still be able to dress chic and enjoy a variety of cool and beautiful products. But we will also be playing a part in sustaining the environment and doing ourselves a favor by ensuring that we have a green future ahead and more room for improvement.


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