Make up sleep over

Once again, I openly admit that some form of make up is somewhat essential for most, if not all. Some is used to ‘spice up’ our looks, some for medical purposes and there are a whole bunch of reasons others are worn, which of course depends with the wearer and perhaps the respective occasion.

That have been said, I will now go to the ‘thorny’ issue; make up ‘sleep over’, i.e. when you go to bed wearing make up and waking up looking like a scary ghost (some ghosts appear friendly ;)). Face colored all over, sparkles of these and that all over, and lipstick spreading down to your chin. It kind of makes some appear like they turned vampires over night and had been out on a blood sucking rampage! It doesn’t get any worse when your partner wakes up and the first thing that comes to their mind is how to flee from the evil looking creature, before the reality hits them!

Ok, perhaps some make up can be taken to bed, but the rest, I think it is respectful to wash it off, and give your partner an easy time sleeping. Besides, no one cares how you look when you are sleeping with them, and if they like you, they love and adore the simplicity in you and not the extravagance of taking every one of your little knick knacks to bed. And even better, you will not color them at night while doing the ‘late night show’ or scare the sleep out of them when you have that ghost face.

Of course you wanna look good when you go out, when you are attending a special occasion (as mentioned in the eighth fashion commandment), or when you have nothing to do and making up is the only hardest chore you have to tend to :). Please do, but bear in mind the environment and the immediate persons around you. It is of course cool to break the rules sometimes; as someone said: “Having fun doesn’t always mean doing the right thing“. Many of us fall in that class!


One thought on “Make up sleep over

  1. You’re absolutely right. What i liked about my wife when we first met was the simplicity of how she looked, makeup and all. And another point. Makup does taste bad 😉

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