Does your style change your age?

Technically speaking, I think it should. We mature with age and get to simplify things. When we were younger we did all sorts of styles and experimented on anything that was on sale and we still never got satisfied.

There is this reality show on UK’s channel 4, I guess,; “Ten Years Younger“, and the idea is to turn the “Mrs.s” to a “Ms.s” just by giving ‘her’ a new fashion look (I think thats what they call it), and performing some form of cosmetic enhancement to her. As a viewer, I guess it works, you know, you get a new fashion look, new hairstyle, sleeker glasses and that kind of thing. It works! It does wonders, fashion can really tell a lot about a person and even more about their personality. And thats why I love talking fashion (even though am not the best at it).

You know, other than doing miles on your treadmill and eating tons of salad, whatever covers your body counts too. And Ellen Barkin has the same feeling. She says that age changes style and has the following rules for that:

  1. Don’t wear your hair longer than to your collarbone
  2. No red lipstick, unless you have dark or olive skin. It’s aging
  3. No blue jeans to dinner out. (But black jeans are okay)
  4. Don’t expose your knees. And cover up. Don’t try to compete with 20-year-olds. A woman between 40 and forever looks great because she has style, not because she shows off her body
  5. Don’t ever wear anything strapless
  6. But at the beach, if you have a toned body, rock that bikini for as long as you like
  7. No miniskirts. A short skirt is okay with black tights
  8. Don’t ever revisit a trend you lived through once before
  9. Don’t wear hats, except to keep the sun off your face. A hat makes you look as if you’re trying to get noticed
  10. Wear fewer accessories, and keep your look clean

Here is the article by O magWanna.

Its like looking good gives some kind confidence that makes you feel better and even younger.

Oh and by the way if your fashion adds numbers to your real age, please do something about it, you can be better in every aspect than you are even if you are comfortable. At least it will not do any harm doing that!


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