The history and future of fashion; Jewelry

History and future of fashion; Jewelry (a.k.a bling)

Jewelry as part of fashion and not necessarily a show-off.

From medieval times, man has turned to jewelry to spice up his taste for fashion. Long before sterilized tools came to the mainstream, crude and hazardous bones and stones were used to do piercings and other body markings and perhaps the tools were later improvised or used to make jewelry. The danger of being infected or spreading an infection did not stop man from living his fashion dream. This hasn’t changed much as of today; risky cosmetic operations are still a practice.

Of course science has opened up a whole new level in fashion. Expensive and extremely highly crafted gems are now available to fashion thanks to our love and quest for an ultimate fashion. And they have become so common and widely used that they are now (more of) part of fashion rather than being a show-off or something that only wealthy can afford. More and more clothes are now being designed with for instance buttons as gems, to match your earrings, hairpin, watch etc. And this is makes them part of our clothes than accessories.

Of course it goes without saying that some can get that custom-made bling while the rest of us have to spot what the market has to offer. And you’ve got to agree with me that sometimes, they are cool too.

And the future holds even more surprises. Your bracelet/belt may in the future be able to change colors to match your outfit and even better may have a cell-phone-like capabilities. Your sunglasses will have a virtual screen and 3D virtual surround sound where you can enjoy TV-like entertainment and do a lot more than just protect your eyes from the scorching sun.

With wireless internet connection a lot more will be achieved through fashion than has been imagined before. And I honestly have this bad feeling that there is going to be some restriction regarding places those ‘techy’ jewelries can be worn.


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